Alpha Trans Tech

Global Publishing

Many companies are trying to increase their market share by expanding into more countries, but being successful in these new global markets requires them to provide an enhanced end user experience. They must provide their customers and prospects with a consistent message, regardless of the publishing or delivery media, in the customers’ language of choice. As companies continue to expand, the complexity and cost of publishing to support these new markets increases.


Companies have addressed multiple delivery channels for a single language, typically English. These companies are now facing the challenge of taking their message consistently to a broader audience, many of whom do not have English as a first language. Companies are targeting different business challenges through a consolidated Global Information Management solution. Some of the challenges and benefits include:


  • Being first to market with a new product allows a company to realize a significant increase in market share. Having all the supporting content published in many languages can be time-consuming and expensive, leading some organizations to adopt a phased product introduction approach. Working with Alpha TransTech helps reduce the time and cost of publishing localized content, enabling them to have a truly global launch and make the product available in many countries at the same time.


  • Global companies are struggling to ensure a consistent corporate message and brand in each of the countries that they operate. As many take a tactical approach to global publishing, they see mistakes that can damage their brand integrity.


  • With the web, your competition is only one click away. To ensure that they retain and grow their customer base, global companies are deploying web-based solutions to provide an enhanced user experience. Doing this in a global market requires a structured approach to global publishing: providing the customer with the right content in the right language. Companies using our solutions are providing better support and enhancing their customers’ online experience by providing access to information in the customers’ language of choice.