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Translation Management

Translation and localization are fundamental processes within any Global Information Management (GIM) solution. Moving content through the localization supply chain consists of many different tasks, but they all fall into two broad categories:


Activities related to the translation and localization of content, and activities associated with managing the tasks and processes needed to support localization.


Translation and localization activities include all linguistic tasks related to the actual rendering of source words into target languages. These tasks require someone to know the context of the content and have access to translation assets, such as translation memory and terminology. Translation management delivers the contextual information to the translator, provides access to centralized translation assets, improves the quality and consistency of the localized material, and reduces translation costs.


Transaction activities include project management, vendor administration, workflow, costing, content and translation asset management, quality assurance, and other activities as content passes through the entire localization process. As content becomes more modular, updates more frequent and the end-to-end process more complex, translation management handles these complexities, applies consistency to the processes and significantly reduces transaction costs.