Alpha Trans Tech


Translation and Linguistic Services


Our Translators and Skills


Our certified translators, editors, and proofreaders have a minimum of five years of experience working as full-time translation professionals. Translators and editors are always native speakers of the target language at hand. In addition, many of our translators hold advanced degrees in translation or linguistics and have years of experience working in their specialized areas.


Quality and methodology are key words for our translators. Located around the world, they combine language skills and expertise in their subject matter to produce translations of the highest accuracy and quality. It is their job to ensure that the translation conforms fully to the expectations of the target audience, not only in accuracy, but also the right look and feel of the product.


As a further guarantee of quality, all our work is carried out in accordance with our stringent linguistic QA processes, which are designed to ensure that every translation is fully validated before handing it off to our customers. These reflexes are sharpened through our system of continuous development, whereby we make sure that all translators in the team receive regular feedback on the quality of their work.


Alpha TransTech is fully committed to creating the strongest possible language team. All our translators are native speakers and have earned a degree. On top of this, our recruitment process is extremely rigorous, designed to identify only the right people with the right skills for our team.

Industries and Areas of Expertise: 


·       Healthcare Translation

·       Clinical Research Translation

·       Consumer Electronics, Products, and Retail Translation

·       IT Translation

·       Computer Hardware Translation

·       Automotive Translation

·       Financial/Commercial/Banking Translation

·       E-Commerce and Trade Translation

·       Technical Translation

·       Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

·       Life Sciences Translation

·       Tourism Translation

·       Social and Dating Translation

·       Entertainment/Multimedia Translation

·       Heavy and Industrial Equipment Translation

·       Telecom and Mobiles Translation

·       E-learning Translation

·       Energy, Oil and Gas Translation

·       Chemistry Translation

·       Marketing and Advertising Translation

·       Market Research Translation

·       Public Relations Translation

·       Contracts and Legal Translation

·       Branding Translation

·       Political Translation

·       Religious Translation